Get the Family Together with Puzzles Etc

Puzzled Etc gets excited this time of year. Folks all over the Northern Hemisphere are cozying up to a hot fire, sipping a hot cup of cocoa and putting together a giant jigsaw that just arrived from Puzzled Etc.

During the holidays, family and friends gather to spend quality time with one another, and putting together a massive jigsaw puzzle is one of the best ways to create memorable moments.

Thanks to Puzzled Etc, you can order gifts online or if you are in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee, buy them in person at the Puzzles Etc store in the Lodge on Mt. Ober.

Gift giving is easy when you shop with Puzzled Etc. At Puzzled Etc, you will find games, brain teasers and of course jigsaw puzzles in every size, shape or form. Stuff those stockings with a deck of cards from Puzzled Etc. featuring the History of Transport, Backyard Birds, and Lighthouses from Puzzled Etc.