A Brief History of the Jigsaw Puzzle with Puzzled Etc

It was John Spilsbury, an Englishman, who was the brainchild of the first puzzle back in 1767. Since that time, Puzzled Etc. has continued to share this invention with jigsaw puzzles that are meant to educate and entertain.

The very first puzzle was actually a world map using a paper map that was attached with glue to a piece of wood. Spilsbury, known as the father of the jigsaw, cut out the various countries making jigsaw puzzles that teachers would use in their geography classes. The London Mapmaker and engraver used a marquetry saw with a fine blade to create his masterpieces.

By 1880, artisans were tracing illustrations on the backs of wood in order to cut out the design for the desired jigsaw puzzle.

To this day, Puzzled Etc tries to stock the most intricate jigsaws available both online and at the bricks and mortar store located on Mount Ober in the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee.