More Jigsaw Puzzles then you can handle

Every Month we give away jigsaw puzzles on our FaceBook page –  – make a comment on the post to be entered in the drawing for the jigsaw puzzles.

In stock we have thousands of jigsaw puzzles. These jigsaw puzzles are representative of several USA made manufactures. Jigsaw puzzles from Sunsout, White Mountain, Puzzles that Rock, Europraphics and BePuzzled, all are jigsaw puzzles made in the USA. We also Stock Ravensburger, Educa and 4D Cityscapes jigsaw puzzles. Our jigsaw puzzles range from 12 pieces to 32’000 pieces, some of these jigsaw puzzles are larger pieces jigsaw puzzles for easy grip for small hands. Many jigsaw puzzles are special shapes; special shapes jigsaw puzzles come in a variety of shapes like frogs, cats, dogs, eagles, sailing ships and dozens more special shaped jigsaw puzzles.