Puzzled Etc for Family Fun

Puzzled Etc is the only shop of its kind where you can buy the best jigsaw puzzles, brainteasers and other games that will keep you and your family busy for hours.

Check out the new products from Puzzled Etc like Puzzle Preserver Glue. This amazing new product allows you to hang your completed puzzle anywhere in your home, even without a frame. All you need is a ¼” foam core board, available at your local office or crafts store, the completed puzzle and of course the Puzzle Preserver Glue.

Specialty shaped puzzles available online or in-store from Puzzled Etc are incredible like the Trout Story Fishing and Bear jigsaw. Come into the bricks and mortar store on the top of Mount Ober in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee and you will be amazed at the prices on this and other specialty shaped puzzles including Bear Family Adventure, Loons at Sunrise and Fantasy Butterfly.

For family fun, you cannot do better than Puzzled Etc.