The World’s Largest Puzzle from the Puzzled Etc

Now with two locations the Puzzled Etc is the only place to buy unique jigsaw puzzles online or in store in Mount Ober and The Island in Pigeon Forge.

The Puzzled Etc carries the world’s largest jigsaw and is in the process of putting Wildlife, the largest puzzle on the planet, together for display in the bricks and mortar store on the Island in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Watch the progress here.

The 33,600-piece Wildlife puzzle from Educa has taken back the title of the world’s largest jigsaw and features colorful African wildlife by jigsaw artist Adrian Chesterman. This massive puzzle measures 225” x 62” making it a massive 18.75 feet long and over 5 feet tall.

Wildlife is an incredible jigsaw that features gorillas, monkeys, giraffes, zebra’s, fawns, parrots, and crocodile. While there are too many African animals to mention here, the world’s largest puzzle from the Puzzled Etc being put together at the Island in Pigeon Forge Store also features eagles, elephants, rhino’s and snakes.