Ancient Egypt Scramble Squares®

Ancient Egypt Scramble Squares

Ancient Egypt Scramble Squares Although this puzzle has only 9 squares, Scramble Squares may be the world’s most challenging puzzle.Each square must match the square that touches it. And all 9 squares must form a matching pattern. Recommended for ages 6 and up.


Product Description

Ancient Egypt Scramble Squares  9 piece brain teaser/puzzle. Although each Scramble Squares puzzle has only 9 squares, they are perhaps the world’s most challenging puzzles. Great for ages 6 and up. Adults and seniors love the MADE in AMERICA Scramble Squares just as much as children and teenagers.Scramble Squares puzzles teach patience, perseverance, fine motor skills and critical thinking and help maintain mental agility in older persons, while providing stimulating entertainment as either a solitaire game or cooperative activity. Each puzzle package includes an interpretative panel of fascinating facts on the subject of the puzzle, as well as a trivia question and hidden answer. All packaged in a unique and handy resealable clear vinyl pouch which can be easily stored in a standard 3-ring binder. Scramble Squares make inexpensive gifts for holidays, birthdays, graduation, or  your favorite teacher. Easy to play but hard to solve. To solve Scramble Squares you must perfectly match the pictures on the squares’ edges using all 9 squares to make a uniform pattern.

Ancient Egypt Scramble Squares
Ancient Egypt Scramble Squares

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 11 x 6 x 1 in


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