Decades Of Traditions Coca-Cola


Decades of Traditions Coca-Cola by SpringBok Puzzles

Decades of Traditions CocaCola


Product Description

Decades Of Traditions Coca-cola by SpringBok Puzzles. This collage puzzle is great for the Coca-Cola collector. It shows many different advertisement aspects of the Coca-Cola brand throughout the years. Including signs, glasses, bottles, and how it all changed through the years. The puzzle quality is second to none. Pieces fit tightly together. They use all recycled paper products and environmental friendly inks. The entire manufacturing process is that way. Puzzles made in America which is always a plus.Coca-Cola always has and will be very popular for collectors. Get yours now before it is discontinued for another picture. The puzzle is 1000 pieces and moderate in difficulty. We do have puzzle glue available to glue the puzzle for framing.


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