Puzzle Preserver Glue

Puzzle Preserver Glue

Puzzle Glue. Apply to front of puzzle. Should do 1+ 1000pc puzzle per 4 fl oz jar.

Jar lid contains integrated brush for easy application.

Finish the puzzle first and place it on cardboard or plywood (do NOT use Newspaper), the glue will leak between the pieces. This is what keeps the puzzle together. We recommend 2 applications about 1 day apart, this gives the puzzle an excellent gloss finish and will make it easy to hang even without a frame. Clear mirror clips (available at any Hardware Store) do an great job for hanging unframed puzzles.

To hang any one of our special shaped puzzles try this: finish the puzzle first. find a piece of 1/4 in foam core board slightly larger then the puzzle size(available at most Office Supply Stores).  Glue the puzzle directly to the foam core. After the firsts coat dries apply extra glue all around the edge of the puzzle, if it lifts off the foam core apply glue between foam core and puzzle. Let it dry for 24 hrs. Apply second coat for a superb gloss finish. With an x-acto knife cut the foam core to the shape of the puzzle. Add anothe coat of glue around the edges. let completly dry. Use clear mirror clips (available at any Hardware Store) to hang.

Pictured is the display of 12 jars. Price is for 1 each jar.




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