Wildlife Worlds Largest Puzzle 33600pc Box Image
Wildlife Worlds Largest Puzzle 33600pc Box on wheelsWildlife Worlds Largest Puzzle 33600pc Box

This puzzle is being assembled in our Store on The Island in Pigeon Forge. Come by, visit and help work on it. You can keep up with the progress on our web page: http://puzzledetc.com/worlds-largest-puzzle-updates/

Educa has taken back the title for “World’s Largest Jigsaw Puzzle Challenge” with the brand new 33,600 piece jigsaw puzzle titled Wildlife. The highly detailed and colorful African wildlife work of art was created by artist Adrian Chesterman. From the artist: “Working on such a large scale and with a subject that I like was a very exciting challenge. I have done drawings of animals almost all my life and I love nature and wildlife. Therefore, drawing a gigantic scene with all these wonders of the animal kingdom was a great delight.” The assembled puzzle measures a whopping 225″ x 62” when complete. That makes it 18.75 feet long and over 5 feet tall. Wildlife comes in special packaging – a wooden box on wheels, for easy handling and transport. Of course, this giant puzzle is covered by Educa’s Missing Pieces system, a service that will send you pieces that have been lost or missing.

some of the animals on this image: Gorillas, Monkey, Giraffes, Flamingoes, Snakes, Lions, Leopards, Sloths. Tapirs, Zebras, Pumas, Deer, Fawns, Rhinos, Elephants, Hippos, Eagles, Stork, Cranes, Toucans, Parrots, Gibbons, Lemurs, Butterfly, Anteaters, Crocodile, Linx and many more.



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